New York’s Petty War On Airbnb


And yet, Im no longer very young, which is why, perhaps, I relate most viscerally to the writers in Goodbye to All That I have mentioned, to their experience and their years. When Edelman tells us, I felt certain Id cycle back some day: it didnt seem possible for me to ever break free of New Yorks gravitational pull. But married life developed its own momentum, I know exactly what she means. I, too, came to California for a couple of years at most a couple of years that have now lasted longer than two decades. And when Ann Hood describes, in her magnificent Manhattan, Always Out of Reach, the experience of losing her 5-year-old daughter Grace to a virulent form of strep, she exposes the key lie we tell ourselves about iconic places: that they will save us, protect us, in some way, from ourselves. New York didnt matter, Hood writes of the aftermath of Graces dying. Nothing mattered…. I locked myself in my bedroom and thought, I will never leave here. Unfortunately, such depth is missingfrom a lot of Goodbye to All That, which in places reads like a scrapbook of notes about New York as fantasy turned sour. Too many of the essays are too similar, too safe, reflections on the desire to become a writer, on living in a small apartment, or the realization that, as Didion so brilliantly put it, not all of the promises would be kept, that some things are in fact irrevocable and that it had counted after all, every evasion and every procrastination, every mistake, every word, all of it. Thats a tricky but essential point, and it infuses Didions essay with a sense not just of loss but also of inevitability, of the innocence that living strips away. Still, for all that they refer back to her Didions name comes up in most of these pieces too much of the writing here does not share her depth. That’s because so many of the contributors seem inexperienced somehow, lacking perspective, as it were. This leaves their work unsettled, a litany of impressions “Even before I’d ever set foot on its teeming streets,” Marie Myung-Ok Lee declares in “Misfits Fit Here,” “New York City represented to me the perfect place” that feel less lived than received. What they lack is Didion’s sense of tragic understanding, her recognition that the lesson of her time in the city “was that it was distinctly possible to stay too long at the Fair.” Does this seem unfair?

Airbnbs petition contends that Schneiderman’s request is a “fishing” expedition because there’s no proof of any wrongdoing. It also makes the dubious claim that requiring the company to produce what amounts to a gigantic Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with “millions of cells” is onerous because it would “take a significant amount of dedicated employee time.”Oscar Chase, a civil litigation expert and professor at NYU law school, says the request for the spreadsheet seems reasonable and that the attorney general is acting well within his subpoena powers. “A fishing expedition is not unlawful where there is good reason to believe that fish will be found,” says Chase. By renting their couch, Lauren and Rob aren’t breaking the law, which requires that hosts be home while their paid guests are sleeping there. But Schneidermans actions could mean that they will soon have to pay New York hotel taxes every night they have a guest. (The attorney generals office told Airbnb that the subpoena relates specifically to tax issues.) That would reduce Lauren and Rob’s nightly income by about $12 a nightor they’d have to make their guests pay taxes, which would reduce demand for their couch. I wonder if my great-grandparents would have continued to take in newcomers from the old country if it meant theyd be forced to pay taxes on a nightly basis. Seth, who started hosting short-term rentals of his apartment when he was out of work, says he’ll probably quit as soon as his lease is up. The subpoena is scary. Seth has more to fear from the attorney general because when he rents out his studio he sleeps elsewhere, which is against the law. Which raises the question: Why does anyone care where Seth sleeps? The law against turning your apartment into a hotel room is an outgrowth of New York City’s ridiculous rent regulations, which have created a multitude of unintended consequences that favor longtime residents at the expense of newcomers.Ever see a listing for a cheap rent stabilized apartments on Craigslist? When online listing sites like Airbnb were created, landlords discovered they could earn much more money operating their rent-regulated apartments as short-term hotels. Tenants started complaining that their buildings were filling up with tourists who made noise all night and smoked in the hallways. Marti Weithman, a tenant advocacy lawyer with Goddard Riverside Community Center, says landlords encouraged this behavior as a way of harassing their rent-regulated tenants into leaving.

New York Jets’ Week 6: What Twitter’s Saying About Matchup with Steelers

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Smith showed that when he does not turn the ball over, he can be a very effective offensive leader for Gang Green. To beat the Jets, the Steelers will have to create takeaways on defense. However, that has been a challenge for Pittsburgh all season. #Jets Geno Smith has thrown for 6 TDs and 3 INTs in 3 wins, but 1 TD and 5 INTs in 2 losses. #Steelers are the only team yet to create a TO. Jerry Sullivan (@TBNSully) October 10, 2013 Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh offense will have their work cut out for them as they line up against the second-best defense in the NFL. Roethlisberger’s signature ability to avoid the pass rush and extend plays has been generally absent this season. Instead, Big Ben has thrown five interceptions and coughed up as many fumbles. However, the Jets’ defense will be slightly depleted this weekend. Linebacker Antwan Barnes suffered a season-ending knee injury in the Jets’ win over Atlanta and has been placed on IR. And star cornerback Antonio Cromartie will be playing on a hyperextended knee. Just want to take the time to thank everyone who is supporting me through this time…my spirits is still high and I will be back.. #Jetpride Antwan Barnes (@AntwanBarnes42) October 9, 2013 MRI reveals Jets Pro Bowl CB Antonio Cromartie has hyperextended knee and is questionable against the Steelers. NFL on ESPN (@ESPNNFL) October 11, 2013 Despite being questionable with a knee injury, Jets CB Antonio Cromartie is expected to play vs Steelers on Sunday. Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) October 12, 2013 Barnes was an integral component of the Jets’ unrelenting pass rush, and Cromartie is the backbone of the secondary. While injuries are nevergood news, Roethlisberger has got to be somewhat encouraged knowing his receiving corps will be facing a less-than-100-percent Cromartie. An interesting side note, former Steelers’ head coach Bill Cowher will be in the booth for Sunday’s game.