Food Stamp Recipients Panic As Federal Ebt System Crashes; Government It Systems Rapidly Unraveling

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Arnold Schecter, believes plastic packaging could be the culprit. Buck the Trend The winners of our 100 Cleanest Packaged Food Awards are the healthiest, cleanest boxed and bagged foods on the market. Specificially, they’re all low in sugar and sodium, and free of BPA and GMOs. Food Trends to Avoid Not-so-subliminal messaging Imagine this: You pop in a rental DVD and halfway through your Friday night rom com, you suddenly get the craving for a hot, fresh pizza. In fact, you can smell pizza. No, it’s not your imaginationDomino’s has teamed up with DVD rental stores in Brazil to make discs that release the scent of a fresh pie as the movie goes on. How? The discs are printed with ink that emit smells of cheese, sauce, and dough when it reaches a certain temperature inside the player. The thermal ink even changes color: By the time you eject the flick, an image of a pie is front and center on the DVD. Do we smell a worldwide trend? While Domino’s is the first company to hop on this scent-sation, we don’t think it’ll take long for other companies to follow suit. Buck the Trend Make a no-food-in-front-of-the-TV rule.

Food Stamps Bill Is Wreaking Havoc On Long-Delayed Farm Bill

Food Stamp Bill and Farm Bill At Odds

This month, the BAX system was adopted by the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service as the official method to detect E. coli in meat, carcasses and so-called environmental sponges, or swabs to detect pathogens in a work environment. The assays also were added to the group’s Microbiology Laboratory Guidebook . “It’s a very, very powerful technique,” said George Tice , research and development director of food diagnostics for DuPont Nutrition and Health. “One very nice feature about it is, depending on how you define your target, you can make it very specific for a strain of bacteria or a genus of bacteria.” In the late ’80s, now-retired DuPont scientist Vinay Chowdhry and a team zeroed in on a Nobel Prize-winning technology called polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which uses the DNA in an organism to identify another specific organism. DuPont became a pioneer in advanced food safety testing by applying the prize-winning science to the pathogen detection process in food and became the “first to introduce an automated detection system,” Tice said. Before DuPont’s BAX system was introduced, the gold standard was taking cultures, measuring them and letting them grow in a petri dish, which took at least five days, said Cathy Andriadis , global public relations leader for DuPont Nutrition and Health. In contrast, the BAX system delivers results in 10 hours or less. Meat, dairy, poultry and produce processors, large manufacturers of food and third-party labs that conduct food safety tests in products and in work environments are DuPont’s customers. The BAX system has been certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture for more than a decade, along with China’s equivalent food regulatory authority. It is an integral part of DuPont’s food diagnostics work, which operates in a global industry of food pathogen testing that is growing 8 percent to 10 percent each year.

DuPont pioneers food safety testing process

city will collapse into chaos. In case you’re not familiar with the term, EBT cards are “digital food stamps.” Nearly 50 million Americans are right now using EBT cards which are automatically refilled each month with welfare money the government doesn’t have, increasing the national debt. Under Obama, food stamp enrollees have exploded. The annual usage statistics for food stamps are found here , but you can’t see them because under the Obama administration’s contrived “shutdown theater,” the website has been taken offline. Note, of course, that the food stamp program itself is still online (most of the time), thereby proving there really isn’t a “government shutdown” as claimed by Obama. If you really want to see the data, you have to go to a private website like this one that shows the annual food stamp enrollment from 1975 to 2012:… There, you can clearly see the explosion of food stamps under Obama, who has more than doubled the number of Americans on the program. That’s considered “economic growth” by democrats, by the way: the more people who subsist on government, the better the economy. EBT system craters across 17 states Today, the EBT system crashed hard, causing food stamp beneficiaries across 17 states to be unable to buy their cupcakes, donuts, diet sodas and other junk foods that keep them diseased and obese. (Yes, food stamp money is primarily used buy processed junk food.) “While the system is now up and running, beneficiaries in the 17 affected states continue to experience connectivity issues to access their benefits,” stated a food stamp official in an AP story. The story goes on to say, “Typically when the cards aren’t working retailers can call a backup phone number to find out how much money a customer has available in their account. But that information also was unavailable because of the outage, so customers weren’t able to use their cards.” The feds said this was due to a “system update,” but this is of course a lie. Then again, every computer system in government that crashes — including the website — is now said to be “fully functioning” as if everybody in government is tripped out on acid .

10 Gross Food Trends to Avoid

The Republican-controlled House has expressed its desire to cut the food stamps program by $39 billion over the next decade. The Democrat-controlled Senate wants to see a cut of 10 times less. Democrats argue that the Republican plan under the new bill would cut 4 million Americans out of the food stamps bill by 2014. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has led the way towards the food stamps bill cuts, while Virginia Foxx, a North Carolina Republican said on Friday, We believe by reforming food stamps we will save the program for the truly needy. House Democrats in the meantime have used the Republican-led cuts to highlight the party as cold-hearted and disconnected.. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina takes issue with working in the bill that requires food stamp applicants to take a drug test. He suggests, You ought to test all those people getting farm subsidies and see if they are deserving of federal benefits. House Republicans has suggesting splitting the farm bill in two for review in the future. Under the plan the food stamps bill portion would be reviewed every three years, while agriculture programs would be thrown into a five-year cycle. Nutrition and farm subsidies have been tied together since the 1970s. At this time Congress is a full year behind in completing a successor to the 2008 farm bill which ended one year ago and was revived in early 2013. The new farm bill was shutdown with the government stalemate that has furloughed hundreds of thousands of workers. In the meantime Tea-Party-influenced Republicans have demanded even further cuts that would reduce the program by more than $20 billion. In June Democrats voted en mass against food stamp bill cuts.