20 Cable Alternatives For Watching Tv And Movies

“It’s a lot of work. That just doesn’t happen easily,” the director notes in a separate interview. “It’s not dissimilar to what I went through with Ian McKellen in Gods and Monsters and Liam Neeson in Kinsey – British actors who start on the outside and then move in. The first thing is the wig, and the teeth for Benedict, and the frock, and the voice, obviously, and then they go deeper and deeper and deeper.” Condon was also struck by the way his star handled the e-mail entreaties from Assange. “Just imagine you’ve got an actor who is that serious and who is already in the process, in rehearsals, and you’re about to start shooting – his job, which he takes very seriously, is to channel Assange, is to become Assange. He’s not Daniel Day-Lewis, but he did become that person,” Condon says. “So imagine you’re doing that, and then you open up your computer, and the person you’re channeling – your inner voice – is begging you not to do the film. It was a really unique circumstance that he was in, and I felt such compassion for him . . . .

Director Bill Condon (left) with Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of "The Fifth Estate."

Resources Why pay for cable TV anymore? Hundreds of thousands of movies and millions of hours of televisionnot to mention the daily news, live sports, comedy stand-up specialsall this content and much more is available via the Internet. Throw in indie projects, home movies, and other bizarre videos, and there’s just no question that the online alternatives to cable and just more exciting than cable ever has been. So, where can you find all this great stuff to watch? Note: All the sites and services mentioned in this article appear in a complete list on the final page of this article, alongside some additional resources. You’re welcome! Specific Networks and Television Shows (Free) When there’s a current television show that you want to watch as close to the release date as possible and for free, the best place to start is the show’s or host network’s website. For example, each night’s episode of The Daily Show is posted on TheDailyShow.com the next day. Modern Family appears on ABC.Go shortly after airing. PBS.org can quench your Downton Abbey craving, or you can let your kids get their fill of Bert and Ernie from a selection of rotating videos on SesameStreet.org . Likewise NBC , CBS , and Fox all have limited content to view for free right on their sites. New episodes usually don’t have a long shelf-life, though. Networks often take them down within a few days, and not every show is available online for free. So this method of watching specific shows on their sites or their network’s site only works for series that you follow actively and plan to watch within a few days of a new episode airing.